About us

I was stuck one evening, I needed to find a Pharmacy that was open after 6pm. So I did what most people do and Googled late night Pharmacies for my area. I thought I would find a website that would have a list of those that stayed open late, with contact details and an address. What I found was individual Pharmacies and began a thrawl through them. Most didn’t have opening times and so had to call them individually. By the time I discovered which one was open it was too late and it was closed and so had to wait till the following morning. When I researched it there was no website that covered out of hours services in three very important areas of Doctors, Denists and Chemist. I also know that when something does happen, you need to be able to find out the information as quickly as possible. So the idea was born to have a one stop website, with a list of Doctors, Dentists and Chemists who work outside normal hours, their contact details, covering all the counties in Ireland.