Need a Pharmacy late in the evening or at the weekends?

Have you have ever been stuck, you realise you have run out of your medication, either a prescription or across the counter medication and it’s past the closing times of your local Chemist! What can you do? Or maybe your child has suddenly got a temperature you go to your medicine cabinet and discover you have no […]

Need out of Hours Doctor ?

You have an urgent medical problem and it’s outside normal working hours, you need to see a Doctor as soon as possible. You maybe away from home, on holidays in another part of Ireland and suddenly either you or someone in your family becomes ill, where can you find a Doctor?. Whatever part of Ireland […]

Toothache and it’s the weekend

There is nothing worse, the weekend is here and suddenly you are hit with terrible toothache, you know you won’t last the weekend before seeing a Dentist, but where will you find a dentist open?. We will find the answer for you , wherever you live in Ireland we will locate your nearest out of […]